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"Coming To America"

Mrs. Boyce's 2004-2005 Class Project Photos
New England Colonies
The Middle Colonies
The Southern Colonies
The Backcountry


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     Life in the America colonies was rough. Most people died on the first attempts to establish settlements in the late 1600's early 1700's. After many failed attempts, settlements started to grow into larger cities and ports. The reason for this was people started to step in and make rules. If you were wealthy you were able to get good farmland, and a great amount of it. If you were poor, you usually came as an indentured servant, which means that you had your passage paid in return for your services, which usually lasted about 7 years.  Many different ways of making a living started to pop up due to the difference in the areas. The New England colonies was a good place for ship building, the Middle colonies was good for traders and merchants, and the Southern Colonies was a good place for farmers.

     There were 3 main areas in Colonial America. They were the New England colonies, Middle colonies, and Southern colonies. There was also an area known as the Backcountry, where there was a lot of  swampland and it was hard to make a living. All of the colonies had different lifestyles.

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